Would have been more fun…

I can’t carry a tune. Not in a two handled bucket. With my hands drenched in crazy glue.


I’ve got a radio voice, from my brief career behind the microphone. The closest I can get to actually singing is fake or imitate. But not actually sing. Not for lack of musical talent in my family. My mother sings showtunes and old torch songs while she works, much to the chagrin of her younger coworkers. She did try a few times, teaching me piano, singing, but finally she had to admit to herself.

Her geek offspring was tone deaf.

But those lessons would have been more fun if I was taught to sing things like this.

I can only imagine the realizations of the parents as some recognize the Jonathan Coulton song Still Alive. From the video game Portal. One choir director took your usual talent show, and a chance. Added lights activated by sound, a song from video game. And the kids poured their hearts into this performance. Bravo!

Incorporating that sense of fun and play makes even the most boring tasks exciting. Make it fun and playful, you engage people. Everyone knows how to play. You make it rewarding, your kids will develop a passion for it. From that passion, they can do the impossible.

I’m still here,



    • Did work in radio for a time. On-Air announcing, very briefly sports, extremely briefly news, lots of advertisement creation and writing. It was fun, but it didn’t pay. That’s another series of blog posts for another day.

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