Slow Cooker – BBQ Pulled Pork

I know I’ve been on a food kick on the blog lately. Been getting more of the passion towards good eating and good food. Sometimes you don’t need to commit a foodcrime to have good food to satisfy physical and spiritual hunger.

Such an easy preparation and works great for hosting for the whole gang coming over watching the game… or for yourself and easy eats for the week.

Just like lasagna, this stuff gets better after it’s been leftovers.

So start with a decent pork roast. Looking for 2lbs. Doesn’t have to be really high end pork roast either. A certain amount of marbling with the fat will play a factor in the flavor. But a leaner roast will be healthier.

1/3 cup cider vinegar – this will be essential for cooking the pork and separating the pork strands. Some people would use coca-cola, but found that it would be too sweet and doesn’t break down the pork as well as the acidic vinegar.
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup brown sugar
Mustard(s) to taste – Add in dijon, whole crushed mustard seed.
Chili powder + garlic powder.
Ground pepper
Liquid smoke – Just a dash, gives it that lovely southern flavor on it.

Just like anyone elses barbecue sauce, just with the cider vinegar. Check your local grocer for prepackaged spices in the gravy section if you don’t have a bbq sauce recipe for yourself.

Set your slow cooker on low, add in pork roast, pour the sauce over it. 7 or 8 hours later, take the pork roast out of the roaster, put it on a plate then shred the pork up. Put it back into the slow cooker and mix it up.
I put one medium white onion on top of the roast, just to cook up.I figured the juices from it would add to the bbq sauce. And it did, plus I have one roasted onion to use for making a soup base later on.

Herbed Ciabatta buns, swiss and mozza cheese. And Kraft Russian salad dressing.

If I had some fresh cilantro chopped up, that would be a really good topping.

But in the meantime, this recipe needs tweaking, and that’s the best part of trying out new cooking. Finding new ways to add different ingredients, enhancing flavor and body, finding a new side dish that compliments the main dish.

Next time, roasted peppers on the grill first, then into mortar pestle ground up with garlic, and add that into the sauce. Not quite a foodcrime, but its getting there.

I’m still here,


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