Foodcrime 3 – The Ultimate Side Dish or If Crime had a sidekick, it’s awesomely delicious.

Start with white potatoes, medium size, quarter. Pot of boiling water. Add, throw pinch of sea salt in for luck.
Get a frying pan nice and hot, pan. Drain off water, throw the spuds in the pan and brown them up nice and crispy. This is where the boiling comes into play. If you want a lot of crisp, boil the spuds halfway to being done then toss into the pan. If you want less crispy,  boil to about 3/4’s done, then toss into the pan to brown them up a little.  Just play with the ratios as per taste.

My mothers recipe just calls for adding in chopped green onion and garlic powder at this point, and then serve. Which is great, easy and makes a great companion to a really good steak. Simple and easy recipe.

And most people would end it there… Not us!!! I exclaim! Pointing to the ceiling! Satisfying the title of Foodcrime commences!!!! Yes, that’s 4 exclamation marks.

4 or 5 small garlic cloves, fried up. Once that was done, chopped up 7 slices of bacon (already cooked up, easy food recipe coming soon) and then one small white onion chopped up. All done with quarter pad of butter and drizzled with olive oil. Fresh crushed sea salt brings out more of the moisture from the onion and sweetens it up. Quarter teaspoon of hot sauce. Fresh cracked pepper over the whole lot.

NOTE ! You are just insulting your tastebuds if you use a pedestrian hot sauce like Franks or plain generic tabasco. Use a chipotle, roasted garlic, or sweetened jalapeno type of hot sauce.  Spend the extra buck, get the interesting stuff, cause if you aren’t feeding your soul, you aren’t doing it right.

This would be the perfect combination for topping burgers, tuna and fresh greens. Cool it down, wrapped in chicken breast, broil.

But we are making a side dish. Take spuds and then combine for awesome.

Heaven awaits, in a frying pan. Or some poetic something...

Did I mention having a chef for roommate rocks?

Ideas for leftovers, if you have any of this left.
Chopped meats, turkey, chicken, or ham, little bit of mayo, little bit of dijon mustard. Over fresh greens. You’ve got a main dish of brilliance.

But tonight, it ended up being companion to shake n bake chicken and salad.

Wow, its another Nom-tastic supper.

Note : Foodcrimes do not occur in realtime. No geeks were injured in the making of this foodcrime.


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