Paddockwood – Black Cat, a primer in stout

German style lager. What does that mean? The body is medium to heavy. But, in the case of Black Cat, I found it to be a light to medium body. Those who are intimidated to chewing their beer will find this a nice primer into stout like flavors. The first taste will take you back to the time of harvest if you have lived on the prairies at any point in your life. The roasted barley flavor is prominent. Mid taste has surprising nutty almost walnut with apricot, there is a tiny subtle hint of caramel from the roasting process. Definite care has been put into the preparation. The back end, (post taste) ends crisp and a little tartness. It’s a 5.4% and goes well with many white meats, like chicken or pork roast. Recommend you take 6 of these out to the cabin for the fall, serve up with blackened steak for heartier appetites.

Mmmm... stout like, roasted barley goodness


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