Foodcrime 2 – Revenge of the Comfort Burger

The craving hit me like a 2×4 upside the head around 4pm. Comfort burgers. These are the burgers that you tell your friends about and they get a look of longing. Like reminiscing about their first high school dance and makeout session. Or that one summer evening where the lake and company are mellow. This is the meal that puts smiles on peoples faces, and sometimes makes the dog leave the room.

Tonights comfort burger is breakfast sandwich inspired. Cheese bun, bacon, fried egg. Its a good start.

Every supper should have an asterix of bacon

To kick up this already overindulgent breakfast for supper… add 6 oz grilled burger, slice of swiss cheese, sauces include sub sauce, mustard and hp.

Don’t worry, I actually had something green to eat. One of my favorite salads. Mixed greens, croutons, cheese, bacon bits, and sunflower seeds and italian salad dressing.

Yes, it also has bacon

My roommate however… had this.

My roommate is currently in a foodcoma and won’t come out until the spring thaw. 2011.

I’m still here,
(And thinking about starting a new category – Foodcrime or Why I Need New Pants )



  1. See, I tend to get creative with burgers when I can.

    My default comfort burger is simply a beef burger with mustard, pickles, and onions on it, possibly with a bit of bacon. Nothing earth-shattering, and available pretty much everywhere. When left to my own devices, though, I’ll use anything at my disposal to spice it up (this generally means pepper jack and jalapeños, or black pepper when those aren’t around.) When not limited to such, however, I’ve been known to eat:

    * burger with jalapeños, peanut butter, and onions
    * burger with habanero salsa, onions, and cheddar
    * burger with wasabi, daikon radish, teriyaki sauce, and green peppers
    * burger with added veggie patty and sriracha

    Comfort is found in discomfort. Strange sort of paradox, isn’t it?

    • Think that might be another blog one of these days. Rated best hot sauce/paste/slurry with best food.

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