Rites of Spring – New beginnings

March 12 – The weather has been unexpectedly warm. Warmer than last year, I remember this distinctly as I had the start of a very large change of life. And I did a lot of walking…

This year, everyone is hoping an early spring. I’m not, I’m hoping for an interrupted spring. You know, about 3 weeks of melting temperatures, time enough to get the deck chairs out, tuck the cord back in for the block heater… across neighborhoods, the smell of thawing dog poo from underneath snow drifts wafts through the air. The winter crud and snow mould causing people allergies to kick in. But then, once you put away your windshield scraper and break out the spring jacket….


Mother nature can’t help but have one last fling with Old Man Winter, just once more. Minus 20 Celcius, windchill, flurries. Yeah!

I’m after that kind of shock. Why? Mosquitoes. If we get a good thaw, and those pesks hatch, one quick cold snap should reduce the mosquito population.

See, not so crazy to want that. So that block heater cord will be tucked in. The scraper will be put away. The gloves and toque will be put into storage. And just to ensure that cold snap will happen, I’ll be wearing shorts and not check the forecast before I go out.

Other rites of spring come as necessity. The usual rattle coming from my computer means that the fans are coated from winter coat of dust. Replacement of fans might be necessary. Geek spring cleaning.

Tomorrow I take my stepfather down to a celtic shop, we’re going to look for canes as he is going to need one. Cancer treatments have taken a toll on his pace and his energy. This being close to St. Paddy’s, figure a stop at the shop on Broadway should be in order. Thinking about getting inspiration for possibly a tattoo.

But one of the best rites, is grilling.

Hate to say it but I didn’t grill over the winter. Always meant to, but never got around it.

But now, I present to you… the first foodcrime of 2010.

The start of the feast

Bourbon marinated onions and mushrooms… to start.

And onto the grill, for some…

Oh. Yeah. Baby.

Shrimp flipped over, thank you Thing.

And finally, plated up. Ribeye steak, lightly glazed with guinness bbq sauce and montreal steak spice. Onion and mushrooms flambe with bourbon. Grilled garlic toast. And potato salad.

Steak ala AWESOME!

Yeah, this new life, not so bad. Getting better every day. Getting writing done, and healing up where it hurts, slowly. But I know this… Soul food like tonights food crime, makes it a whole lot better. And tomorrow, it’s gonna get warmer.

I’m still here,


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