It is done, and it is crap. Good.

Tonight, I finally put the final scenes of a story that started off as a lark. A small little story challenge from a friend. The challenge was send a name, and I’d come up with a name for the character. It was simple enough, and the story I came up with was a long complicated toast.

Then came NaNoWriMo, which is not a type of ultra super hard to get pokemon. It is National Novel Writing Month. Which happens in February.

I know, I know. It’s February.

I have always had problems finishing stories. I guess its been a habit of my creative writing that I’m trying to shake off. A stack of unfinished projects and story ideas sit and lurk in the corner of my documents, sometimes they call out to be worked on, added onto. Characters get rewritten in my mind, unsatisfied in the roles that they played before in what I’ve previously written.

But I’ve learned quite a bit from NaNoWriMo, I can write 50’000 words in one month. I can churn out drama and fantasy scenes by the pageload. I can also come up with rich exquisite scenery and descriptions. I can also channel the teen drama of Degrassi into the main character just to give her the conflicts to make her somewhat interesting… Regardless I just need to keep writing. And when I do come up with an outline to fall back on, I can really go to town on writing crap. You got it, this is barebones first draft almost stream of conciousness writing about what is happening in the worlds I’m creating in my mind.

Does it have to be good writing? No, that will come later.

But finally, I’ve put my mind to it. And even if I do end the stories crappily, I won’t be able to improve on an unfinished product. I can’t perfect the craft unless I step back away from what I’ve created and see how I can improve it in the next draft.

If I’m going to suck at writing, so be it. I’m going to make it a point to finish crappily. Because finishing a bad project/story is better than let it linger and creatively poison my muses…musii? And inspire me to look up the plural of muse. (post up comment if you know what it is.)

But the best part is, I’m planning on having fun making improvements to the next draft.

I’m still here,



  1. No I have not. I’m breaking down the novel into an outline. Reworking some characters and then working it into a trilogy. Fantasy novels tend to work better as trilogies. As well I can do some longer character development between the main players and the main hero.

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