Fun. Not just for kids.

One of the joys of being a highly creative person is the extreme silliness that comes up in every day life. Its enjoyable, adding in random fun, much like asking random people for cookies. (Learn more!) I’ll let you know how my thousand margarita pitcher theory does at the end of the year.

I first heard about laughter yoga when watching the BBC documentary The Human Face with the incredibly talented John Cleese. In it, he first experiences and goes to a Laughter Yoga club, and learns that just by laughing as an exercise, you can help boost your immune system. Long term benefits include better cancer treatments, reduce overall stress without medication. (Click here for a laugh, organized.) Check your local area for laughter clubs. I myself, have found that when I get a cold or sinus bug, comedies do help. Just keep watching them, the laughing is good for lung exercise, and the natural endorphin boost is really good for you.

Fun of imagination, put on a paper hat, pretend to be a pirate, or turn it sideways and make people call you Commodore. Wear birdcage liners for hats! Wonder what is going to happen in the digital age. Will we be able to fold motherboards or retired iPads into fun fashion?

The age of video games, something like over 2 billion dollars per year. Destroyed by a piece of reinforced cardboard and some dice, some small plastic figures. You got it, there has been a resurgence into board games as entertainment. there is something satisfying in letting your hands determine the random rolls as you shake the dice. There is something more about the strategy of winning a game, by reading the person who is right across the table. Plus its also lots of fun. Call it a need for going back to your youth. Plus now we’re at the age (some of us) where we have the income to get the really cool games. Find your own gaming group in your local area. Use the internet, don’t let it use you. What? I’m not going to do all the fun for you…

But there are ways that allow minor parts of fun in everyday life that actually enhance everyday life. The Fun Theory is a group of people that are out to change peoples behaviour for the better, by making mundane things fun. Even as simple as going up a flight of stairs. My personal favorite for their experiments is adding the sound and sensor to trash can, so when you throw something into it, the cartoon sound of something falling is heard. Result? More litter into those trashcans.

But Pearce, what’s with the pants? you ask. I reply, they are comfortable.

There is also fun in one of the biggest growing sports on the planet. It’s part puzzle, part hike, part hide and seek, and all fun. Geocaching. The simple joy of going for a walk may not always be enough for motivation to get outside. Yeah, you’d rather catch up on Tivo or the like. Or you can get your GPS and look for hidden caches around the planet. It appeals to the little kid for a sense of adventure, it appeals to the puzzle sense, it also can bring you to places that you’ve never been to before. Geocaching It has gone mainstream as well, with a recent episode of Law and Order. Always thought they would feature it on CSI first. The rules of geocaching are pretty simple. You find trash along the way, pick it up. This is known as Cache In, Trash Out. You can take something from the cache as long as you replace it with something of equal or greater value. There are also a lot of different types of caches, some involving puzzles that you need to figure out first to get the LAT/LONG coordinates. It is a lot of fun, especially when you find the cache. Besides as the t-shirt says, I use billion dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods. What’s your hobby?

Fun. Not just for kids. It’s more complex and multi-layered. And a lot cooler now that we’re older.

I’m still here, having fun where I can at every opportunity,


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