I miss things

I miss things. And lately I’m thinking that I’ve been taking things for granted.

I miss the way KFC tasted before the takeover. I miss the flavor of coca-cola before the cola wars. Now I can have my KFC in fourteen gazillion flavors and drink bathtubs of coca-cola without a single calorie…. but it doesn’t taste the same. Mountain Dew of my youth, came in a green bottle with a hillbilly on the logo. I miss comic books that cost 75 cents or less. Remember any of that? I remember morning cartoons, watching Scooby Doo, Rocket Robin Hood, when there was only 2 channels, 3 if the weather was good. Remember when the sunday night Disney movie would even get your parents to watch? Now, there are literally hundreds of channels catering to every taste. This is too many. We spread the good out too thin, and not concentrate on the few things that are good.

Think back, why were those things special in your youth? You can now go to the specialty candy store where they do make the original candy from your youth. (mmm… bottlecaps.) Nothing like playing on your nostalgia for simpler times when you are paying for it on a rewards credit card that allows you to save up for fondue set so you can make your friends and neighbors jealous… See what I mean?

Everything becomes one big overwhelming non-movement of complacency, where even the most fantastic becomes average because of the sheer volume of choices. That’s where we have to simplify things. Ignore the masses, find those true gems that do shine.

I also miss Benny Hill. Combination of burlesque show and vaudeville.

You know he wrote all the music for every episode? You just can’t get decent wholesome ‘appeal to 12 year old boy’ humor like this anymore.

Except on dvd to watch on your 5.1 surround sound, THX laden, high definition, italian leather furniture laden home theater system with 18 remote controls.

I’m still here,


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