Deceiving and tart – Paddock Wood’s latest beer – Loki

The latest offering from Paddock Wood brewery here in Saskatoon is called Loki. Yes, that Loki. Trickster god of the norse.
Here’s the label flash for you packaging gurus.
(Yeah, that’s my coffee cup and my choya wood, one of these days I’ll actually do a decent backdrop for the beer.)

The label keeps in track with the other flavors of lager, pale ale and stout that Paddock Wood offers.

Loki is a double ipa 8.7% brew. And it is deceiving. Appropriately named, it does not taste like any other high percent alcohol beer I’ve tasted. Color is deep amber, minimal head off the first pour. First smell of it, off the bottle was not that pleasant. Given room in a stein automatically brings a bouquet of deep grapefruit/citrus which carries through the main flavor of the pale ale. The first few mouthfuls were a little surprising, but by halfway through the bottle, the brew grows on you, much like a red wine. This brew will cut through deep thirst on a hot summer day. I think the flavor would be less bold if I chilled the beer more. I definitely can say that once the bottle hits your palm over the course of an hour, you would be overwhelmed with the tartness of this brew. Off of every mouthful, the lingering flavor (backend) does hit your tastebuds with a giant shot of that tartness. Which is a pleasant surprise in exploring the flavor of any beer. So be warned, if you drink any of the mass produced generic beers, this will challenge your taste buds.

I will come back to this again, I’d like to try this with a colder temperature and a stein. I’m thinking this will be best with a nice porterhouse, or charred salmon off the grill. For starting off a warm evening around the backyard and firepit with friends, family, and a grill hot with food. This is a good one for having one beer for the evening. Or finishing off the evening.

My advice to Paddock Wood, don’t clean the vat, keep doing the double brew, long term productions will improve the depth and character. And bring me samples of your progress.

I’m still here,


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