Back in the land of the Great White

It’s been an interesting week. Back from Anaheim, spent a week in California with the kid. We went to Disney, we went to Universal Studios, we went through line ups upon line ups, then security checks and getting patted down, etc. Flights back from LAX to Calgary, and then connecting to Saskatoon. Good trip, quality time spent with the kid, even though the crowds weren’t that much fun. (Quick hint : If you are going to Disney, go on the off season, they’d appreciate the business then, and you’ll appreciate the space and shorter lines.)

Tonight, I’ve fully immersed myself back in the culture. Got ticket for World Junior Hockey Championships, game 5 Russia vs Finland. First stop once I got in the rink, mini-donuts. Next stop, beer vendor. I could have found the poutine stand and fully immersed myself in Canadian cuisine, but I think I’ve already punished my arteries enough by the food I ate on the trip. So far Saskatoon has hosted up the World Jr’s quite nicely, I’ve heard rumors that Regina has unofficially adopted the Latvian team.

But what really made my night, was the guys in the rows ahead of us with this sign.

Finnish Fans spread propaganda against Team Russia

Finnish Fans spread propaganda against Team Russia

Proof that Canadians are funny, they also had on the other side ‘Finnish Them!’ It’s good to be back in Canada.

I’m still here,


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