This is not a best of 2009 post.

This is not a best of 2009 post. However! This maybe one of the best things to do in the new year.

As storage is now shifting from CD’s and DVD’s to flash memory, thumb drives and similar technology; it maybe time to throw away those CD spindles, or use them to take your lunch with you.

Say what???

I love Lifehacker, great ideas, gets you thinking differently, and any website that makes MacGyver references and your lunch is all good.


Perfect size for bagel, and flip it over for for taking salad. Figure the 25 disc ones good for single bagel sandwich, and the 50 disc for salad. Now I need to find some old school film cannisters for salad dressing.

I’m still here,

P.S. This maybe the last post of the year. Sunday I’m on plane to Anaheim with my daughter, 3 days in Disney, then once we get there, decide if we want to go to Universal Studios, or down to San Diego to Sea World.

Happy holidays, merry christmas, kwanza, good tidings, angry festivus cursings, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

But for all year round, and if there is one thing you should remember it’s this. Pain shared is lessened, joy shared is increased.


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