Solstice – Turning Points (Best Peanuts Ever!)

Today is the Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Officially the first day of Winter. From this day forward, there is more sunlight per day if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. Which is great for geeks like myself who get the majority of their light radiation from computer monitors…

Its also one of the peak shopping weeks before Christmas, (not to be outdone by boxing day or boxing week sales when all the goods written off in previous fiscal year are sold at huge reduced cost). Do yourselves a favor. Stay home, make some gifts.

Lets start a new trend! I want you to make some cards, use frilly handwriting like calligraphi, then add some old school arts and crafts. Break out the white glue and macaroni. Macaroni cards as a way of saying I Love You to your friends, family, and that attractive person that you bump into on the street. Just don’t let it become too much of a trend. Hallmark will be hunting me down like some weird greeting card version of zero cost fuel trying to pay me off… Sure! Make it a huge trend, get your kids on it, make a facebook group, even tell that weird lady who lives down the street who always, ALWAYS keeps her blinds shut. (Yeah, yeah, get on with it)

It’s also the Pagan new year, which I have celebrated in the past. Traditional celt style involves a lot of things that I won’t get into. But my modern version of it involves substituting Mead and Roast Boar, for a decent brewed beer and some form of roasted pork… or pizza, or chinese food. Mmm… spring rolls.

So if it’s kwanzaa or you are in mid hannakah, solstice, or happy shopping day, I want each and everyone of you to have a Charlie Brown Metal Christmas.

(Best Peanuts remix clip ever.)

Watch out for those Lucy’s, and buy your own football stand.
I’m still here,

For more information on Solstice, National Geographic


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