From the Ones and Zeros of Twitter… Week 50+51 2009

  1. usual saturday madness begins now! … in MY BRAND NEW CAR!!!!
  2. @TeeMonster Just accept the rules! #34 there probably is porn of it! Don’t go looking!
  3. @brad_s I’m up for #YXE tweetup, Tuesday is looking okay for me.
  4. Tasting Beer – Okanagan Spring, craft pack? We called it variety pack in our day…:
  5. @jennybeanses Think I’ll have to do that tomorrow, drive to the used book stores. IN MY BRAND NEW CAR!!! *gameshow announcer voice*
  6. @ash267 I hear ya, think the phrase is, ‘don’t pass up opportunity, you don’t know when it will come by again’.
  7. @TimHoltorf 2pm Athenas lounge.
  8. @TeeMonster Rules of the internet # 34 – There is porn of it, no exceptions
  9. @brad_s Thanks dude, wonder when the ‘I’m going to drive next door’ phase will pass.
  10. @ash267 no Seussian pics?
  11. @carythegeek I don’t know where to put Dan Akroyd though… he’s sleeping in your room.
  12. Next step is to get a mp3 clip from Price is right, have it on player, whenever I unlock the door, it goes ‘BRAND NEW CAR!!!’
  13. This is what my roommate @carythegeek is planning to get me. But they are out of the hats!
  14. @jennybeanses Tempted to pick it up for myself, but need to do more holiday shopping as it is.
  15. @iluvsmooches 2007 Corolla, 50k on it, got good deal, couldn’t pass it up.
  16. I am so not taking the bus home, I’m taking my BRAND NEW CAR!!! (at least to me)
  17. if you love the world, you will send someone to rub my neck, feed me Irish whiskey, with 170ish IQ, and is willing to field story ideas….
  18. @carythegeek link failure, here’s what I’m getting you for Christmas, in time for that meeting with your boss.
  19. @TimHoltorf Lucky that the pistons didn’t do big damage. Buy a lottery ticket?
  20. @ash267 Do it! Seuss + Holiday=awesome fun. How many other times will you claim to be as such?
  21. she offered her honor, he honored her offer, and all night long, it was honor, offer, honor, offer.
  22. @jennybeanses No love for Malcom Gladwell?
  23. @jennybeanses BTW, I was tempted to pick up the Constantine novel at bookstore tonight, written by Ian Rankin. You heard of it?
  24. @TimHoltorf Crap, so no wheels till you find out if you didn’t blow the engine? Not looking good for holidays eh?
  25. @devvyn Wallets made from comics
  26. @Celtic_Maenad fringe benefit around the office at this time of year. Oh yes, I shall partake in your deluxe hazelnut turtle chocolates.
  27. @carythegeek Will see how it drives and what the rubber is like.
  28. checking out a vehicle today, geek needs some wheels
  29. Brandy beans, cocoa dusted truffles, shortbread. Woohoo!
  30. @rusty1514 Breathe deep, keep calm, carry on. You’ll be fine dude.
  31. And one for the end of the year Holidays. DING DONG! ♫
  32. Muppaphone! ♫
  33. Epic. One of the greatest drummers of all time, add some Animal awesome = Muppets Drum Battle. Buddy Rich vs An… ♫
  34. G’night webhive, you’ve been a lovely crowd.
  35. And for those insomniacs, try adding the pink and red/brown noise setting with oscillation, simulates ocean wave.
  36. @RonEarl Haven’t you wanted a killer combination of acting/writing talent doing a certain TV or movie?
  37. @RonEarl @jennybeanses or Mike Myers in SOAP remake. with Morgan Freeman playing Benson.
  38. @RonEarl @jennybeanses or Varley doing a new Lost in Space remake. Alternate Reality TV is sometimes better. Like Selleck playing Indiana J
  39. @RonEarl Dream shows. Sort of like Mark Millar scripting Robocop.
  40. @jennybeanses All we need now is CBC to give us black budget, Margaret Atwood to woo Warren Ellis to cowrite script, and we’ll get 3 seasons
  41. From Saskatoon, new band Versus and their songwriting competition entry. #SupportLocalMusicians
  42. @jennybeanses good one, instead of UK Constantine, Constantine is from Winnipeg. But seriously, that would be perfect. Accent?
  43. RT @CityofSkies: The stark, haunting iceberg photography by David Burdeny
  44. @jennybeanses Always thought that he’d be really good for a modern day Mike Hammer. For more Callum, ask your hunniez to bring Due South+BSG
  45. @rocknroses I wouldn’t mind a binary-cide of bloatware actually. But the death of IE6 is a good start.
  46. @jennybeanses Catch him in eXistenz?
  47. if you love the world, you will send someone to rub my neck, feed me Irish whiskey, with 170ish IQ, and is willing to field story ideas….
  48. There is no off position on the genius switch. ♫
  49. Just realized how much I like this band, once I got away from the overplayed songs. New favorite earworm. ♫
  50. @ash267 Kind of my old stomping grounds that way, lot of snow? As for sweats, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.
  51. @TimHoltorf Nice. Then you can actually make a WB meeting.
  52. @carythegeek @timholtorf !!! I post up weekly digest of twitter for blog, then warren ellis does. Then today blog, now look @chrispirillo
  53. @TimHoltorf Nice! Ma wants to know if you are coming into town? Doing the evening 24th with the kid over at Ma and Gene’s.
  54. @carythegeek Thanks, it just kind of fits altogether you know?
  55. How many sleeps?:
  56. Running Octopus! With Coconuts!:
  57. @drtiki I’d go with Son of Internet.
  58. RT @kim: Facebook was invented so people would have a place to upload unflattering pictures of you.
  59. RT @Melzer: It is done. Behold! The Top 10 horror films of the decade <= Surprising, no Gigli, that was scary movie.
  60. slow cooker french onion soup w/bacon, americano coffee, laundry, interesting emails #YouCan‘tMakeMeGoOutsideToday
  61. @wendycooper Just remember, it’s not another year, just another day. Or another lap around the sun. Hope you stay warm on your Birthday.
  62. @brad_s It pretty much is 7 Samurai, one exception for the funeral scene at the beginning where they are driving the guy up to boot hill.
  63. @iluvsmooches And just you wait to find out what I do, when you buy me dinner. 😉
  64. Kurosawa’s use of 3/4 speed shots, adds so much impact, okay, enough tweeting about it, I’m out.
  65. any film student or afficianado should not only study Kurosawa, they should enjoy all the nuances, the framing of the shot, the background.
  66. first ronin entering the warehouse, knocks away Katsushiro’s blow. I LOVE THIS FILM!
  67. @iluvsmooches Allright, will let ya double dip my fries, when I buy you dinner.
  68. @iluvsmooches But yeah, I see your point. Other peoples cooties.
  69. @iluvsmooches Nice. But I’ve never drank gin or whiskey like THAT before. 🙂
  70. @iluvsmooches I’ll make sure it’s sterilized with really good gin, or irish whiskey. Sound good?
  71. Kurosawa 7 Samurai + Canada Dry for the win, old man winter can go shove it…
  72. Or a shorter version with Selma Blair, Cold outside. ♫
  73. -44 with windchill, baby it’s cold outside. Zooey Deschanel helps. ♫
  74. team estrogen wins for saturday social. The ladies went Saskatoon Roller Derby, UFC, house party, and my bro’s… hibernating.
  75. @iluvsmooches didn’t you watch the Mythbusters double dip?
  76. looks like mother nature has won in this round of, ‘Is Pearce going to go outside?’, time to hit the unfinished story pile.
  77. RT @enterthehaggis: We’re streaming live from Portland, ME! Opening band: Hot Day At The Zoo
  78. @evakatrina Think I’d have to get a Clydesdale, they’re like the Hummer of the equestrian realm.
  79. @KateSherrod Sithmas tree isn’t scary, it’s the Binksmas which I fear.
  80. Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border” (via Bo… ♫
  81. Being geek:
  82. I just don’t fit, say the words and I’ll change… ♫
  83. @ZombieDevonRW Heard that, got my shot thursday night, one of the best insomnia cures , except the aches and pains of regular flu
  84. RT @kayayarai: Tiger Woods spotted out on Saskatoon golf course today in -40 weather. Said it was less cold than at home.
  85. @iluvsmooches Might go out for UFC tonight, gotta see if the bro’s are going to man up for it, if not, I’m hibernating till monday.
  86. RT @courosa: “Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border” (via BoingBoing)

  1. Survived h1z1 shot, only craving people to USE their brains around me. Cure for this is liberal application of bacon.
  2. More muppets awesome.
  3. @planetsmagazine 42
  4. @iluvsmooches just remember, it’s Peace with an R (Yarrr!) in the middle.
  5. Time of the year … to lie to us!:
  6. Got booking confirmation, hotel, flight, and pass to Disney. Me and my daughter for 1 week in Anaheim!
  7. Laughing at the expense of other people and their…:
  8. #earworm Skullcrusher Mountain – Jonathan Coulton
  9. @TimHoltorf I blogged about it too! #WinterSurvivalGuide
  10. WANT RT @ToplessRobot: Imperial Stout Trooper… the Star Wars beer. I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life.
  11. Best Winter Survival Tip : Experiencing comfort:
  12. Malcolm gladwell and kingwell on CBC radio, repeat interview. Sweet.
  13. @megfowler Wish it was -4 here, It’s -30 with windchill feels -38
  14. -40 windchill and the love theme from Arthur running through my head
  15. Old Man Winter : Surprise! -38 Windchill! Have a fun time walking to the bus! Me : *glares*
  16. The most fun you can have with your pants on, on a sunday evening.:
  17. And to complete the fun of Coulton trilogy. Still Alive, live, playing Rock Band on his own song. Brilliant ♫
  18. I should have done this at karaoke at Josh Hallbergs birthday last night. ♫
  19. Good to see you buddy, how’ve you been? ♫
  20. The 60 things that women should know about guys. Big fan of Number 41 and 58.
  21. @MattFnWallace Heard it was good, how did you like INK?
  22. @interlock When enough of the internet hivemind got their hands on them, opening them up, and started sharing their results.
  23. And for the record, there has not, nor shall there ever be, a popped collar. I’m like the anti-popped collar… I’d like to think.
  24. despite the amount of sociables (and somehow being called awesome) last night, I’m up and doing my regular saturday routine.
  25. going to shower to open up my head which is filled with cold, hydrate like it’s birthday 21, and then write some bad fiction.


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