How many sleeps?

Remember those days when something really exciting was coming up when you were a little kid? You would count the days by how many sleeps? Seems that when you are growing up, the focus becomes days. There comes a little switch from concentrating on how many complete good days and then sleeps you have, and start concentrating on how much stuff you have to get done in the meantime. It’s the weekend when?

Recently this year, I’ve rearranged my schedule. I’m getting more things done ahead of time. I’m taking more time to do the enjoyable things. I even took a month to write a novella which is 50’000 words plus for the NaNoWriMo challenge. Which is practically more than what I’ve ever written for any of my fiction.

I’ve also taken on a new perspective on things, enjoying the moment. The idea of ‘being here’ has brought me more time to do things, and the only thing holding me back is my own fear, which I’m slowly pushing away. It’s given me confidence and strength to make mistakes now, and enjoy them. I learn from them. I’m finding more happiness as I have taken the time to do things that I never thought I’d get done. Or even attempt to do. And along the way I’m find that little bit of rekindled joy that takes me back.

If you don’t get what I’m explaining, take this for an example. What is the worst thing that you can do today? Swallow a frog. Think about it. Metaphorically speaking, I look for those frogs now, do that worst thing first, get it done so I can have more time concentrating on more enjoyable things. As the Fonz once said, do you slowly peel off a bandaid, or do you just grab it-AND RIP IT OFF!

They also call this seizing the day. The fringe benefits? Finding the time to share the joy in your life.

So with childlike excitement, I can tell you this! There’s only 10 more sleeps till Christmas eve then I get to spend time with my kid and family. There’s only 13 more sleeps till I get on a plane with my daughter to go to Anaheim. Disneyland for a week with my kid.

I’m still here, (‘jumping up and down, can’t sit still’ excited)


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