Being geek

I can’t tell you the stats of the 87 Oilers.  If given enough time, materials and tools, I’m quite sure that I could figure out how to build a wall. I’ve only driven a standard transmission about 8 times in my life. And while I can’t explain the timing or how to rebuild an engine, I know that it’s expensive.

But I can research. And that makes me a geek.

I embrace my geekness, I find new ways to research via web, book, audio form, social networking. I can dive into subjects that I find interesting and come out weeks later ready to bring them into relevant conversation. The information stays in the primary centrifuge called my brain, and every once and a while the most bizarre bit of information comes out. The british term for this is called Boffin, ( I however, like the modern definition of the term Geek. As opposed to the 30’s definition of the term. (The rumors of me biting the heads off of animals as a circus carnie, are purely rumor… althouth that one time at the ‘all you can eat’ buffet came darn close.)

I have played the Pen and Paper RPG’s, I’ve fragged and pwned with the best of them. I’ve taught non users how to use their mice and that Solitaire isn’t a game; it’s interactive mouse training. I have had my share of ID-10-T problems, and have the mental battle scars to prove it.

I can debate Adam West’s Batman just being the optimist of an earlier age versus Frank Millers Dark Knight being influenced by the cold war and politics of that time. And yes, I do own a Batman Hockey Jersey. (Will post pic if I get enough feedback) I used to read comic books. Now I read graphic novels, which is just a fancy term for a collection of a story line from the monthly comics. They are teaching this as mainstream literature at most universities across the world. And if you haven’t read MAUS or Fax From Sarajevo, ask for it at your local library. ( Be warned, these are not capes and tights stories, they will provoke an emotional response besides hero worship. Which is probably why they call it literature.)Yeah, they have Graphic Novels now at libraries. You no longer have to worry about going into a den of nerdery filled with  local pimply teens, those are things of the past. Now it’s a collectibles shop which you will most likely find people debating which was the better serial series, the old Battlestar Galactica or the new.

My daily websites I go to include many webcomics, scientific digests, and other websites which may include trivial web applications. And yes, I am the guy that people ask me about when they want to do something specific on the internet. What program would you use if you were to…

My ex said that having a geek for a husband/boyfriend/significant other was great, as it gave her all the TV time she wanted and I wasn’t watching sports. Fine by me as long as I have access to great volumes of information. When I was cutoff from that information, I felt disconnected, and almost in a sense, blind. I couldn’t hop on the computer, and go to IMDB and see that yes it is only 3 steps from Charlie Chaplin to Kevin Bacon. I got a lot more reading done, and I got a taste of what current television is like.  I liked the reading, and the tv was best when I could get 2 or 3 episodes of a show in a row via dvd.  I’ve found that I can stand writing serials, but cannot stand waiting a week for the next chapter in someone elses fiction.

Besides geekery going mainstream, it has become a part of the professional business world. Take BarCamp for example. The idea behind it is, have an open-forum convention, where the users deterermine the content,  participation, and interaction. Now put it in a lounge/bar for the day, add beer=Awesome! All volunteer setup, no large corporate propoganda, just people sharing their enthusiasm for technology and sharing. ( )

More geek revelations to come, if the winter keeps up as it is now (Dec.12 -32 Celcius, feels like -45 with the wind) I may never leave the house.

But I’ll get a lot more writing done.

I’m still here,



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