Time of the year … to lie to us!

That’s right, once again, the weather people are lieing to us! We now enter the perpetual phase of which the weather is always good, 5 days from now. According to the non-canadian government weather network, it will be -3 a week from today. Our own canadian tax dollars can’t even tell us what happens 7 days from now!

But wait, didn’t I say it would be 5 days? See, that’s another lie!

It always happens. We get an arcitc air mass aka Old Man Winter is has decided to move in and start romancing Mother Nature. I’d say that I’m a little bitter that it always happens. But it’s supposed to happen once a year! In January!  That was an angry exclamation point! I’m already hating this part of winter. We’ve already hit -40 windchill. The long part of winter that drags on is now filled with christmas carols and anxious drivers.

Mind you, if this does keep up and we get January weather now, February weather in January… we could have a nice long spring. Think I’ll go buy a farmers almanac, they have a better prediction rate than any other meteorologist out there.

I’m still (brrr) here,




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