Laughing at the expense of other people and their…

I am laughing, I really am. At other peoples expense. Does this make me a bad person? Or just reinforcing the theory that all humor is based on pain?

When the day is getting me down, I have to get  a chuckle in. Something to pick up my spirits. Unfortunately this is at the expense of other people and their really bad photos, there has been a recent upcropping of websites. I don’t know  where the trend started, but these websites have popped up more in my recent surfings. At least it is not those digest e-mails where someone has sent you 40 huge funny pictures, it’s now all online where your browser can choke on them. And there are quite a lot of these which are way beyond the ugly christmas sweater.

First up a collection of kids being creeped/freaked out by Santa! Because, well, sketchy santas creep kids out. I’m quite sure they have a deal with the local psychologist guild/union/association as the kids will be paying for counselling of their traumatic encounters. For years to come.

Next, a lovely collection of some of the worst family photos ever taken. Glaring looks, mullets, hands in inappropriate places, arm-shelves, this site has got it all.  You will wince. you have been warned.

And there is evidence that laughter is good for you. Remember watching the Human Face starring the great John Cleese. He visited a Laughter club, which is a type of Yoga. And you don’t need to wear the lululemon pants to do this type of yoga. Apparently laughter not only promotes endorphins, good oxygenation, better immune system response, but it also has been linked in some cases to longer lives.

Go ahead, have a look, have a laugh because, it’s good for you!


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