Dec.01 – NaNoWriMo – TGIO + AIRSHIPS!

Computer problems have set back me from finishing Dunnigan’s story, the big finish and epilogue. But I crossed the 50k barrier back on Saturday Nov.28. What a journey. A real adverb filled journey. With lots of melodramatic scenes and young teen angst… and any other things that came to mind when I was writing.

I’ve learned that writing 50k without an outline can really push my imagination, blarney factor, and brings out the worst writing in me. For those who really do want to try and get through the plot holes, let me know, I may post it up. But with a lot of warnings… like you’ll enjoy the taste of the toilets in grand central station moreso than reading the monstrosity.  I’ve also learned that I can do 50k in less than 30 days, I just need to schedule time for it, and work at it. It is liberating as well, as Mur Lafferty has put it in her ever resourceful and insightful blog (I Should be Writing) … It’s okay to suck. With this project, I have allowed myself to suck at writing this, the main point is to generate the quantity, the quality will come later. So, from the ashes of a suck story, may there be a trilogy that comes forth… cause you can’t do an epic hero tale in 1 part…  Gods help me if this style of writing is okay though, I’ll have to create a pen name to put it under, so I can use my real name for that artsy crap I’m used to writing, and not this fluff crap. Yes, yes, I am my own worst critic, but it helps me work harder at being a better writer.

TGIO – Thank God It’s Over.

More insights yet to come, as nostalgia and hindsight allow.

Also big thanks to Tim Holtorf who supplied the spanky new banner at the top of the blog.  AIRSHIP FTW!

You can check out his fiction, collaborations, opinions and the like on

And dude, when are we going to get that future sci-fi story done? You know which one I’m talking about…

I’m still here,



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