It’s My Birthday – NaNoWriMo Day 27

I’m less than 1000 from finishing the word count, but not the story.
I should be able to get to 50k words today, do a quick epilogue then save it 3 different spots, and then submit to the word counter at

Been very very busy, between work, writing, tiny projects and other parts in life. It’s also been a very trying and painful year, but in some regards it’s been very good for me. I was getting stale and like a pond without moving water, stagnant. But with all changes and experiences, there comes some pain, and growing pains are evident. It hasn’t been easy, but anything worthwhile to work on, never is easy. I’m working on myself and who I am.

I’m also embracing more creative thoughts and ideas. For example, today is my birthday, and a working theory I have is that you can either kick someone today and get away with it, or slap someone or get away with it IF it is your birthday. It’s a working theory, it works for me today. I’ll let you know how well it flys tomorrow.

I’m still here,




    I’d get you a bottle of Captain Morgan’s but I will need to pick one up.

    And good on you that you got that far with the writing. I expect to hear the podcast version very soon(ish). I for one always knew you could kick ass and take names and get something like this accomplished.

    • Podcast version of this adverb filled piece of drek? I’ll be doing the literary world a favor by putting it through at least 4 more drafts… or at least an outline before I start second draft.

      I still have to go back and put names in! I’m using placeholders like InsertCountryNameHere and InsertGenericOldLadyNameHere

      It’s so bad… fantasy settings allow for huge amounts of descriptions, add melodrama to it, and it’s half pages filled with angst and conflicting emotions. It’s like I’m chanelling Robert Jordan into fantasy Harlequin romance, POORLY!

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