I’m going to have to find my grandfathers memoir, he has a few war stories from the time he served with the Canadian Navy. I’ll have to post them up here, along with a few other gems from his dictation. In the year leading up to his death, he kept telling me that I would be ‘okay’. Sometimes I miss him a lot, being one of few male role models in my life.  He made it interesting the one year for the kids in Invermay school on Remembrance by telling them the real thing, what actually happened, what it was like. The most impressive part of what he did was that he made it relevant to that generation. It was no longer just a time away from the classroom during the ceremony, it was real, he was there and it happened. I know the time he served still affected him even decades later, he would jump a little too much when there was a sudden large noise. And he always wouldn’t be able to sleep well that same night.  Sometimes, that shellshock never does go away, and it’s those sacrifices that they gave which makes it possible for free people as ourselves to write about such things.

Never forget.

So it has been a somber mood all day today, got my word count up for NaNoWriMo up to 18k putting in another scene leading up to the next third of the novel. Or at least as far as I can tell this is going. I have a fear that I may write myself into a corner, yes that can happen even with fantasy.

I’ve also got a serious amount of exercise in, thinking about the times my Grandfather would have coffee with Sid back in Invermay. Got to 3 geocaches, 2 found, 1 did not find.  It would never be a GC hike without at least 1 DNF. The one I did not find is called ‘Recipe Exchange’, basic idea is to swap recipes and leave recipe cards there. It is located very close to a golf course, but I brought along my camera. Nothing says suspicious than a guy poking around bushes looking under branches for a hidden container. Taking out my camera, I actually got the muse going for a little bit, gnarled trees and yellowed dried grasses stomped down by small game. Actually thinking that if I can photoshop in some pixie or fairy characters, wouldn’t make a bad cover to some creative commons novel. So with camera in hand, I’m actually looking for a camoflauged container, and a couple of golfers slowed down walking taking a look at me. Conversation follows, and is as exactly as I remember it.

Them : Hello (in suspicious tone)
Me : Hello, nice day for it. (Holding camera, smiling to them.)
Them : Yes it is. (They walk on to pursue their balls.)

I’m still here,


P.S. Found the chickadee and a golfball when I was looking for the Recipe Exchange Geocache. Best picture I got all day. And it’s times like this, when my camera cooperates, and I get photos like this, it doesn’t matter if I get to the cache or not.


Nov.11 Chickadee


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