NaNoWriMo – Day 10 – Stardate 17332… err word count

Topped off my word count at 17332, little over third of the way into ‘Working Title’.  So far, I’ve got the character up to the point where she is no longer innocent, but slightly trained and curious of the world. I need to get her into a situation which will allow the future flow of story fits into place. But, I have to think that I took a small little story scene where she gets kidnapped by pirates – What? I didn’t say it would be good, it just has to be 50k words… Anyways, I’ve changed the pirates into ‘Free Merchants’, not bound by rule or custom to their own countries. And the kidnapping, is now out, and has become a rescue, where she learns a lot about the world around her. I’ve managed to take a young woman frightened, to someone who realizes what the risks are and is not aftraid to fix the problem.

I’m pulling influences from Shogun, Princess Bride, Deed of Paks, Romero, and from I don’t know how many hours of fiction from

Funny that I’m doing the NaNoWriMo thing solo right now. Haven’t joined in on the regional chats, or the actual meetups.  Got the baby name book so I can start fleshing out background characters. I’ve added enough of them for future references, foreshadowings, etc. Also need to work on the names of the countries and empires.

Other than that,  tomorrow is Nov.11. Going to have a rum and coke, remember my grandfather, try and get to a Legion Hall someplace, maybe share some of his stories. If I can’t do that, then I’m off geocaching. Regardless, I’m sleeping in.

I’m still here,



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