NaNoWriMo Day 4.1 – Because all the cool kids…

All the cool kids are not doing what I’ve done, a meager 100 some odd word update to story. I knew this was coming and hopefully I can get that plus one or two day buffer on word count. Went to a wine tasting, and debated the merits of what made for a good story and what didn’t. Why cliffhangers are so infuriating when it’s been split into a weekly format, and that a good chunk of readers/viewers prefer to have those stories as a whole when reading/viewing them.

It’s all good, maybe a little too much wine, feel that kind of headache when I’ve had too much aspartame… allergic reaction to tannins? Hope not, I love a good cup of wine once and a while.

Off to bed, but I’m still here,



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