NaNoWriMo – Day 2

Total Word Count – 5561, 2651ish new word addition.

Its trite, it’s somewhat unecessary. Supporting characters are emerging, which is nice actually. Adds more flavor to the group. So is it fantasy? Overtones. Is it intrigue? Some, just enough. Is it steampunk? Technology in that area where they are has overtones. Besides, think I’d rather write about the deep rich tones of leather bound tomes on oak bookcases, overflowing with other collections, here a crystal flower blooming jagged. A test tube, dusty, it’s dark contents writhing. So much more detail to describe in warm tones, it’s the anti-noir. Which is also another large jump out of my writing, I loves me some inner monologue.

My main character needs to act more of how she needs to be first, before acting like how she will end up to be in the end. Yes, it’s a ‘personal journey’ type heroinne but Whedon did it best with Buffy. Don’t know how much of this will actually get saved at the end of things. But it’s there, and I am breaking the short story habits… kind of. I find writing the scenes that last about 3 to 4 pages, then putting in off camera transistions… I’m not going to go back and edit, unless I write myself into a corner, and can’t plot my way out. (sorry, that just grew into a pun, honest!)

Like Ron Earl ( ) on his twitter feed to me said,

“it’s not suppose to be Shakespeare. Words written are words written and so far you’re kicking butt.”

And I have to remember the mighty wisdom of Mighty Mur Lafferty

“It’s okay to suck”.

So if it ends up that I write 50k of suck, that’s fine, I’m quite sure I can rewrite 50k of suck into at least 30k of win. In December. Or strip it down into a decent outline, then rewrite it from there. In January, or February.

Note : I just have to stop watching Discovery Channel on Monday nights, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs and Canada’s Worst driver? I almost didn’t get started tonight.


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