1KDay – Thousands of words

Posting this from public library computer terminal. So far I’ve read girl genius books 1+2, Fax from Sarajevo and 300 from the graphic novel section. Funny how it’s placed right in the young adult reading section. I got stared at funny when I went and grabbed Maus.

Yeah. If you don’t know it, go put a reserve on it from the library. This is not your average tights read. It’s heavy hard hitting -human- stories. This is the stuff that they are teaching at the university under popular culture and the english department.

Nevermind that though. Kid is at the dance hall nearby getting her lessons that she’s been at for the last 3.5 hours. And Dance Dad needs to get his 1K words done today. Only thing I can think of is a bizarre combination of Steampunk Romeo and Juliette versus the Empire from Star Wars. Sounds cool, but not enough time to do it justice. Maybe I’ll do that story from the point of view of a paramecium.

Crap or not, I will not fear. I will write. Time and persistance will hone the writing blade.


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