Random thoughts from post Hallowe’en walk

Been doing more updates on twitter than actually blogging. Think it’s helping keeping the writing style to a nice brevity mix. Can one make an update as to what they are doing within 140 characters? Easily.

Origin story for Hex Ranger is being molded into a third draft in my head. Going to go with a completely different approach. Making the character into the hero is the goal. Not by scientific explosion, mutant dna, or part alien… the hero is going to -become- the hero by the decision and action they make.

I’m going to have to give them the tools later on to get out of situations that will arise. Starting off a serial series with the origin story may not be gripping or have enough of a hook to show what the series will be like. Still debating to use the origin story as a ‘mid-season flashback’ story. The phrase, start with an explosion and then make it bigger keeps coming up. But I don’t want that hype to overshadow the actual story… other examples of that end up in the bargain bin or used as examples of what sucked in the future.

Have to find that happy medium… but apparently there are none in the yellow pages, just the usual spooky mystical psychics. None of them happy, just spooky.

Also I must keep reminding myself of Mur Lafferty’s advice on Writing, “It’s okay to suck.” Think that will be a great mantra to go with. And there comes a great freedom for me to follow that advice. As long as I keep writing, it will get better. I’m quite sure that DaVinci picked up a few scars along the way during his own research. I am definitely going to be using the serial series for a writers tool and posting up when it’s got more thumbs up by my reviewers.

Nanowrimo is here, and I will not be participating, only in spirit. The plan for the serial series will get my writing skills into order. Actually getting the time to do it on a day to day basis will be the toughest part.

Stopped by the new Indigo Books shop in town, it’s surprisingly light well. Seriously, the books seem to be highlighted perfectly, and when you step back, it’s not so bright. Seemed busy, graphic novels have a selection, but seems that it’s only the OMG newest stuff that is on the market. At least I can order and then pickup from that location. (But any comic hound in town will still go to 8th Street Comics and books. Best place for my geek needs. ) Was pleasantly surprised that Scott Sigler’s “Infected” was there in paperback and in hardcover. Picked that up, along with Ray Bradbury’s 100 best stories in paperback. I’ve also noticed that since I started reading Bradbury, my writing style has gotten compact, more descriptive. Also been listening to Mur Lafferty’s ‘I Should be Writing’ has been helping out a lot. Her novel Playing For Keeps was not there though. I think I’ll be giving out books to people for Christmas. Either that or gift certificates, depends if it’s Dec 4th and I have time to plan it out or it’s Dec 24th and I’m wandering around the aisles of a drug store looking for a suitable gift.

Thinking about doing an essay/blog post on the following
– All the things I said I would be doing a post on in the past
– The immediacy of communication and how it has changed to ‘Need it Now’ as opposed to planning things out ahead of time. There is no foresight into our method of our communication, it merely now satisfies our need to connect. A text version of a glance across a room. For example, texting in internet shorthand, to calling and talking to people on the phone. Writing letters and how those will be truly intimate details to another person, and those words should be as touching as a gripping hug from a loved one. If the medium is the message, does this mean that we’re paying 10 cents a message just to find out what one’s current mood is, as opposed to talking to them face to face? Think I’ve played that one one, shoot, there goes another blog.
– Pirates vs Ninjas, who will win? The audience or buying market, probably the bookies. Maybe they can have a preliminary round of ‘Maim the phone solicitor/marketing agent’.
– Sex
– Clutch. How they should be worshipped until they become Rock Gods. And how they are the best kept secret that rock afficianados share with only their soul mates.
– Getting things done, how I should actually be doing as opposed to planning as a form of procrastination
– Really bad pickup lines like ‘Wanna see something swell?’

Handy links for this post

8th Street Comics and Books

Scott Sigler – The FDO brings you podiobooks to make your brain melt, and turn you into a junkie wanting more

Mur Lafferty – Reigning Queen of Podcasts, Awesome. Check out ‘Playing For Keeps’ for a great original take on the superhero genre. ISBW for those aspiring writers like myself.

Podiobooks.com – My one stop shop for downloading podcasts for my walks, driving to work.

Ray Bradbury – One day, I might come close to writing as great as his. On that day, I’ll probably accidentally hit delete.

Jonathan Coulton – Skullcrusher Mountain

Clutch – Electric Worry

Until later, I’ll be still hopefully writing still,
Pearce Kilgour

I have been quit for 1 Year, 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 5 Days, 9 hours, 21 minutes and 24 seconds (453 days). I have saved $2,393.89 by not smoking 5,440 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 21 hours and 20 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 8/6/2007 9:20 AM


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