5 Sentence Stories

The new writing challenge I put out, as well as keep up myself, to keep myself writing. 5 sentence stories including my characters from City of Heroes/City of Villains. You’ve all read up on the six word story that Hemingway did, which did briefly spark a small genre response a year or two ago.

So just to get the writing skills non-rusty, it’s just a five sentence story.
For a little background here’s some info on the characters.

Billy Hartlan – Original boston native, pursuing his doctorate in media studies, aspiring gonzo writer, preferred weapon in the City of Heroes, bow and arrow. (TA/A defender)

Marshal Mac’Tjembo – Member of the Diamond Corp, intergalactic defender of justice. Blue hair, orangish skin. An homage to Green Lantern? Or Nathan Brazil? Or Machiavelli?

Boggart – A boggart
Khaled Maddox – Die hard detective

If you really want to know more, head over to RPCongress.com for some roleplaying goodness on City of Heroes, Pinnacle server.

Title : So that’s why he’s wearing that…

Billy Hartlan spent a minute working his arm out from under the sleeping blonde, spent the next minute working the blood back into it. Looking around the dimly light apartment, he could not find his clothing. The alarm on his comm pad bleeped again, swearing he grabbed the first thing he could and put it on. The pink frilly baby-doll neglige did not cover much of him, let alone his dignity. Billy crawled out the window, bow in hand to face the Rikti bombing run, to protect the city he had grown to love.

Title : Mass Consumption

The forever neon night of Tokyo reflected off the silver blue hair of the alien. The investigation into Godzilla proved that it was not a refugee from Epsilon Nine. Marshal Mac’Tjembo faced the vending machines and the complexity of humanity reflecting back at him. The mistranslated english on the labels was a curious flavor to the diamond as it reflected the proper wavelength of information along his nervous system. He paid for the bowl of instant noodles and shook his head at the conflicting social decay and growth, but he kept the fork.

Title : This is why we stick to chess…

“Sir, I’m sorry, but you got it wrong.”
“What do you mean, Boggy? It was Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick.”
“No Sir, it was not.”
“I hate Clue,” Khaled replied as he tried to rub away the pressure in his skull.


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