Return of the Geek

First day back at work after 2 weeks holidays. Walked in, half hour early so I could get my bagel toasted. (mmm… bagel and hummus, so good.) The grindstone was sitting by my desk, looking at the clock, tapping it’s feet. There was a lot of work to do, but at least this time, stuff was actually done and I don’t have a 2 week backlog to go through. It’s about a 3 day backlog altogether, so not so bad.

I have come to the conclusion that each of my vacations are preparation training for retirement… or the retirement career. I only wore pants once the entire time, nothing but shorts for me. People are just happier in general, and in better spirits without pants.

Feels weird right now too, as the steel-toe boots for work are heavy as compared to the sandals. Oh well, not as if I don’t need the exercise.

I researched out new recipes, I read a lot, watched a few movies… overall, a good vacation.

So… the retirement career. Something to work towards, imagine that.

Place to live is going to have to be on lakeshore. Small town nearby or built up around the area, House will have to be higher up above the lake, looking down. Local population will have to be large enough to support a small brewery… Will have to research some more, what will it take to become a brewer? Apprenticeship? Not much to ask for is it? Ideally that would be the retirement career for me, brewing beer and spirits for the rest of my days. Enjoying lake weather, spending a morning checking on the brewing, afternoon sampling, evening promoting.

Beats picking fly crap out of pepper.


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