Musing thoughts for a Friday

Random Thought #1 – Pants is singular. To have more than one pair, it’s still called pants, not pantii, or pantses. When referring to the legs, it’s pant leg. When referring to pockets, it’s pants pockets. There is no reference or phrase to describe the zipper, it’s not the pants zipper, it’s the zipper or fly. Even when they are buttons, it’s a button fly. Perhaps I should be wearing a kilt.You know what’s worn under a kilt? Nothing.

Nothings worn, it’s all in good working condition.

Random Thought #2 – I’ve had a song stuck in my head for the past couple of days. In my head, I hear ‘ One for the ro-oh-oh-oad.’ So that’s what I’ve been looking for… do you know how many songs have that in their lyrics? I knew it was from the 70’s but couldn’t put my finger on it, sounded so generically 70’s that no one part of what I had stuck in my head was identifying the artist. So, do a search with it in for chorus… sure enough…. Boz Scaggs – Lido Shuffle.

Lido, whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh….He said, “one more job oughta get it””One last shot, we quit it””One more for the road”

Is this another sign of getting older? Definitely have to regularly taking my gingko biloba. My brain maybe a gun, and my words are bullets, but it really doesn’t help if the gun gets rusty.

Random Thought #3 – I miss drive in theaters.

Random Thought #4 – Found this on a site, Billy Connoly (master humorist) had this handed to him as well, I’ve altered it a bit, but one day this will be on my business card. I may change the header in my blog to read the following.
Seeker Of The Peace. Part Time Chandelier Cleaner. A Legend In His Own Time. Oppressor Of Champions. Soldier of Fortune. World Traveller. All Round Good Guy. Progressive Time Traveller. International Lover. Casual Hero. Philosopher. Wars Fought, Bears Wrestled, Equations Solved, Virgins Enlightened, Revolutions Quelled, Tigers Castrated, Orgies Organized, Bars Quaffed Dry, Governments Overrun, Test Rockets Flown, Wives Tamed. Part time member of the Liquitarian Society of Saskatoon. (For proof of any of the listed abilities, please send 10 dollars to my paypal account, you may not get the proof, but I could use the money.) Life is a waste of time.
Time is a waste of life.
Get wasted all the time.
And you’ll have the time of your life.

Random Thought #5 – Computer social networking… The AS3 network of recovering non-smokers have helped me out a lot, I probably would still be smoking if it wasn’t for the fact that they were there. But somehow I got sucked into facebook, found a whole lot of people I have drifted away from. Not on purpose, but it does happen regardless of how much you put ties down. Families drift apart, friends have to move away, intrests change. Scariest part is… I’m seeing people now from my hometown, that I remember were in Kindergarten. Yep, another liver spot just burst out from the back of my hands, and another hair just went grey. How long will facebook last? I don’t know, seems that everyone was MySpace’ing it a year ago. Another fad? Maybe… it might end up becoming like ICQ, or Powwow. I miss using Powwow, it was better than ICQ as you could send people sound files, and when you played them on your computer, it would play on theirs. Also had a smaller footprint for memory consumption.Hopefully it will stick around, but in the meantime, I’m up there. And for those people who are wondering were I am…

I’m still here,

My smober meter reads… One month, two weeks, one day, 6 hours, 12 minutes and 7 seconds. 555 cigarettes not smoked, saving $266.45. Life saved: 1 day, 22 hours, 15 minutes.


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