Another quart of oil…

Recently someone posted up, basically an advertisement for this site in the stop smoking newsgroup I’m in. It refers back to

Which includes a kit, for you to get if you have mild, medium, or severe depression. As well with a reduced price… like any pessimistic depressive wouldn’t see through the site anyways.

Frankly speaking… if you are suffering from any types of depression, go see a doctor.

Allright, so I’m a big old bastard… I’m definitely going to hell for this one…. got a spot in the lava right next to the water cooler that is just out of reaching distance… *cracks knuckles*

“Allright kids, settle down, we’ve got a lot of work today….”

“What are we building?”

“Okay, everyone have their depression kits?” Looks about the room. “Okay, if you forgot your melancholy, just buddy up and share. Today class, we are going to build…” Turns to the blackboard, white chalk against the green background, the letters D Y S T H M I A. “This is not a form of dyslexic asthma, no it’s a very mild form of depression.”

“Can we use Morrisey’s music to help build this?”

“It’s one of the prime ingredients Billy. I’ve also have Sade compact disks for those who want to build dysthmia for someone who just got out of a long term relationship. Oh yes, and I do have some extra little pegs so the shelves fit right, always seem to loose those.”


“Yes Gertrude?”

“It’s Bob sir, my older brother told me that his girlfriend is bi-polar-“

“That means she prefers having sex with both male and female polar bears, now if you look at this chart…”


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